In a world of advanced technology, many people are looking for a cost effective way to place phone calls. That method needs to be more than economical; it also needs to be easy to use. That is where DBTel and the system of pinless calling cards come into play. Unlike the calling cards of yesteryear, DBTel utilizes a system that is simple to master, easy to remember and loaded with benefits. DBTel definitely meets the economic requirement.

Pinless International Call
International Phone Card

Call quality and cost are two of the most important aspects of an international phone card to our customers and DBTel has made a commitment to its international phone card customers to provide both of these features. You can be assured of the quality and integrity of you DBTel international phone card.

DBTel offers a super cheap SMS service that, compared to your regular carrier, saves you up to 65% on your international texting. We offer a variety of different ways to send international SMS, ranging from mobile apps to online texting in your browser.

International SMS
International Mobile Topup

Our International Prepaid Mobile Top-Up enables customers and distributors to reach beyond their domestic market for a new source of international revenue with cross border Top-Up. It enables Top-Up mobile airtime those who are living in abroad for their friends and family back in their home country.

With DBTel you can set up your own international calling service under your own brand name. With our PINless Recharge Start Up Package, you can offer Custom Branded Calling Card & PINless Calling Service, design your own website so customers can sign up and make payments online, manage a network of agents and resellers who can promote your service in retail locations, offer a portal for your resellers to recharge and sign up accounts online or over the phone.

Calling Card