Are there any connection charges with DBTel?

No, there are no connection charges to make call using DBTel.

How can I make a payment or "top up" ?

You can RECHARGE or Make Payment directly from our website by clicking on “Add Credit” button from top right corner or by logging into MY ACCOUNT. You can use any VISA, MASTER, AMERICAN EXPRESS or Discover DEBIT/CREDIT Card or You can use your PayPal account to top-up/recharge.

How long will it take to update my account once I have topped up?

Your DBTel balance will be updated within 2-5 minutes once you have topped up online.

How can I see my current account balance?

Login into your DBTel account and click on “Dashboard” and you will see you current balance. Also you can check you balance by dialing any of our Access Number.

Are there any subscription charges or registration fees?

NO, There are no such upfront charges or fees. Registration with DBTel is absolutely free and after successful completion of registration you are ready to Top-up and start making call.

Can I use DBTel from pay phones and landlines by dialing a toll-free number?

Absolutely. You can use the toll-free Access Number located on the DBTel Access Numbers page to make calls, but surcharges will apply to your DBTel account.

Would I be charged if my call is unanswered or the line is engaged?

No. There are no charges unless your calls successfully connected.

If I do not top up my account for a certain period of time will it expire?

No, there is no expiry time.

I have made a payment but my account balance is not updated yet or My credit/debit card declined/rejected?

We have an address verification system in place, if rejected please verify the information you have entered. Your address should be the same address affiliated with your credit/debit card. If your card is declined again, please contact your credit/debit card issuing bank/authority or contact our Customer Support team.

Will I receive confirmation on my top up?

Check your current account balance by logging into “My Account”. From there you can access your Current Balance, Top Up History, Call History (including duration of calls) and more.

I have forgotten MY ACCOUNT password. How do I request a new password?

To request a new DBTel password, go to the Sign In page and click the “Forgot Your Password?” link. You will be prompted for your phone number and email details you used when you registered with DBTel. Within minutes, an email will be sent with your new password. Once you have logged in with your new password you will be prompted immediately to change it to a password of your choosing.

How can I view my call history?

You can view your call history online by signing into your account and clicking on “Call History” from the left-hand menu.

From which countries I can use DBTel to make international calls?

Currently you can only use our calling service from USA. Very soon we will start our service in Europe, Canada and Australia.

How many countries are supported by DBTel?

DBTel supports most of the Countries. Please visit www.dbtel.net and click “Rates” on top of the screen to find whether your desired destination is supported. You also can find "Rates" from your personal portal if you already have an account with DBTel or click here to check the rates

Can I make multiple calls without redialing access number?

Yes. When you are in active call then please press (##) and this will immediately disconnect the active call and will be returned to standard IVR. This will allow you to dial new destination or redial same destination or check the balance. If callee disconnects the call then also you will be returned to standard IVR again. This will allow you to dial a new destination or redial same destination or check the balance. To redial please press (*#) and system will redial to the last dialed number.

I have caller ID Block on my phone; can I use the PIN-Less feature?

PIN-Less feature requires your caller ID to identify who you are. You should enable Caller ID on your phone (contact your operator/carrier) if you want to use the PIN-Less feature; otherwise you will be asked for your PIN every time when you make a call

What is Top-up?

It means that you can add credit to your existing account (using any of the payment methods) to make calls by using top-up.

Is it secure to buy online?

Yes, all online transactions at www.dbtel.net are handled with maximum industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology to prevent the information from being intercepted. We have taken security very seriously and incorporated Godaddy SSL into our website. This uses a 128-bit encryption code to ensure the highest level of security. Also, your credit card information is encrypted when your order is stored. DBTel accepts PayPal by default. You can also choose to pay using credit cards and vouchers.

How do I view my Order/Purchase History?

You can view your Order/Purchase history by logging into “My Account”. Please select “Payment History” from left sidebar.

Will I receive a bill?

No, this is a prepaid service. You pay in advance and you will never receive a bill for using our service. However you can login to your personal portal to view your “Call History”.

Can I cancel my account?

You may cancel your account with us at any time, but please send us a note and tell us why you would like to cancel. We would like to help and understand how we can make DBTel work better for you.